Alisply Vault Dome Formwork

Economical and fast option for false tunnels

Formwork system to execute with circular vaults with radius from 2.50 m and pressures up to 60 kN/m2, handled by crane. The system’s horizontal formwork consists of pre-assembled panels with an electrolytic zinc-plated steel frame and an 18 mm thick phenolic plywood formwork surface. Vertical support is done with the Alsina multidirectional modular shoring system, the high load capacity of which (up to 80 KN per vertical) is safe for heavy load requirements.

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Components and accessories

  • Pre-assembled Alisply Circular modules.
  • Alsina multidirectional vertical shoring system.
  • Resistant Multiform elements for Civil Works as supports for the roofing formwork.
  • Alsina transportation trolley.

Frequent uses

  • False tunnels.
  • Boreholes for mining tunnels.


  • The roofing formwork is made up of factory assembled, extra flat, 15 cm modules that do not require special tools for assembly.
  • The joining and alignment of the roof panels is done by means of a clamp that can be handled without tools, streamlining assembly on site.
  • Multiform beams support the roofing formwork and release onto the vertical support.
  • The vault’s vertical support is ensured thanks to the high load-bearing capacity of the multidirectional shoring system joint (up to 80 KN with verticals of 1.5 m and safety coefficient of N=2).
  • The roofing system is always assembled from below, avoiding unnecessary risks for workers who do not need to walk on the formwork surface.
  • Alsina’s supplemental offsetting components, which are connected to the panel, guarantee the proper geometric fit for the roofing formwork.


Benta Berri station
Benta Berri station

The Benta Berri station is a railway station located in the old neighborhood of San Sebastián.

A-33 Highway
A-33 Highway

Alsina Formwork collaborated in the construction of the A-33 Highway section way between Jumilla and Yecla in Spain.

Rambla Portuaria Viaduct
Rambla Portuaria Viaduct

Alsina Uruguay collaborated in the execution of a new viaduct over the Rambla Portuaria in Uruguay.

UTE La Aldea Project
UTE La Aldea Project

Alsina collaborated in the construction of the road linking Las Palmas with the town of La Aldea.

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