Simple, lightweight and versatile. Provides safety and high performance on site

Reusable formwork system to execute flat reinforced concrete slabs, optimising concreting cycles with maximum safety guarantees. Whether unidirectional slabs, cast-in waffle slabs or solid slabs, the Alumecano system is adaptable to any floor shape. The revolutionary Alsina Drop Head, made of structural aluminium (duraluminium), is incorporated into the Girder and Support Girder which lightens the system’s weight in supporting the formwork surface, but without diminishing overall resistance.

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  • The 4 m girder with its drop heads has a weight of 25 kg (approximately 50 % less than other similar systems on the market).
  • Drop head made with structural aluminium alloy giving resistance and lightness to use on site.
  • Structural elements designed for daily use on site, made of high-strength steel and painted with polyester paint that protects them from the elements.
  • Elements with closed ends to protect them from concrete debris.
    The design of the T-girder facilitates the removal of the board formwork.
  • Slurry does not accumulate on the girder or on the drop head, ensuring perfect support for the board on it.
  • Can be used with solid slabs with an 80 cm edge.

Components and accessories

  • Extension girder for top plates.
  • Column top plates.
  • Beam support for unidirectional slabs (bidirectional slab support).

Frequent uses

  • One-way framework.
  • Cast-in waffle slabs.
  • Solid slabs.


Kronos Building
Kronos Building

Alsina España Cataluña participated in the construction of a residential complex in the city of Badalona (Barcelona).

El Encanto housing complex
El Encanto housing complex

The project consists of the construction of an apartment building in the first line of the Caribbean Sea in the hotel zone of Cancun.

BBVA Bank headquarters
BBVA Bank headquarters

A linear structure composed of three-story buildings, alleyways and irrigated gardens is laid over the entire site like a carpet that follows the topography.

Lidl Supermarket
Lidl Supermarket

Alsina Formworks collaborated in the construction of the most modern Lidl Supermarket in Spain.

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