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Arcisate-Stabio railway

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Alsina Italy has successfully participated in the construction of the Arcisate-Stabio railway line, a new railway line that will connect Switzerland to Malpensa airport (Italy).

Once again Alsina’s engineering department has been able to provide an ideal solution to build such a complex structure. The directions given by the construction management regarding performance, safety and different phases of the project have been successfully fulfilled by the Alsina Italy team.

With a length of 8 km, the new railway is made up of railway trenches and tunnel pieces: in particular, Alsina has contributed to Gladden station, on the border between Italy and Switzerland, the building of the GA03 tunnel to Induno Olona, all the water traps and several retaining walls along the route.

More specifically, the Alsina equipment has made it possible to resolve the countless technical difficulties of the GA03 tunnel Induno Olona, ​​which is 60 meters long. The Alsina equipment made it possible to meet the high production rates required by the customer. With the AR-80 Shoring System it was possible to support the trusses that allow the continuous circulation of means of transport in its lower part, and it was resolved with the Multiform Bridges System by the particular shape of the vault.

The Multiform system, consisting of double UPN metal beams and wooden beams, is one of Alsina’s most versatile systems, allowing “ad hoc” design of any type of recoverable formwork to implement slab, piles and pillars formwork of all geometries, as well as straight walls, curved walls, one-side walls, bridge decks and climbing elements.

Finally, formwork stripping was carried out using manual lathes operated from above the formwork structure. This allowed very fast recovery, providing total safety for the workers during this procedure.

Gladden station has got a slab of approximately 1,000 square meters 1 m thick, and 8 meters high from the ground. This template was carried out with the CL-40 Shoring System, with a technical solution optimized to suit the customer’s budget.

The timely completion of the project, the technical optimization of the system and the constant presence and support of Alsina have allowed our customers to meet the pre-set production and safety goals.

Project Details
Tunnels and Bridges
Multiform Bridges, AR Shoring System, CL Shoring System, Vistaform Slabs


Multiform for bridge decks
AR Shoring
Vistaform Slabs
CL Shoring


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