Highway A57

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Alsina took charge of the execution of the Vilaboa – A Ermida section of the A57 highway, with a length of 6.5 km plus another two kilometers connecting to the AP-9 and the N-550 in Vilaboa.

Thanks to this high-capacity highway, mobility in the Pontevedra metropolitan area will be enhanced, representing a significant improvement in the connections to its different industrial estates.

The challenge presented in this project was the complexity of the changes in the cant of the deck, which considerably complicated the layout and assembly since each section was different for each installation.

For the execution of the pier, the systems used were Alisply Walls for the straight areas together with the C240 Climbing System, ideal for filling at these heights. For the curved part, circular columns were used.

With respect to the execution of the deck, we chose the H33 beam, which is ideal for addressing large spans for bridge solutions, together with the TC360 Load-bearing tower for its high load capacity as it is very suitable for shoring structures in civil works structures. Finally, the Multiform system was also used.

Project Details
 Pontevedra, Spain
Tunnels and Bridges
H33 Beam, TC360 Loading Tower, Multiform, Alisply Walls, 240 Climbing System, Metal columns


Alisply Walls
H33 Truss
TC360 Heavy Duty Tower
AR Shoring


Benta Berri station
Benta Berri station

The Benta Berri station is a railway station located in the old neighborhood of San Sebastián.

A-33 Highway
A-33 Highway

Alsina Formwork collaborated in the construction of the A-33 Highway section way between Jumilla and Yecla in Spain.

Rafael Escardo Bridge
Rafael Escardo Bridge

Alsina´s Formwork delegation in Peru has collaborated in the construction of the Rafael Escardo section located in Lima.

Rambla Portuaria Viaduct
Rambla Portuaria Viaduct

Alsina Uruguay collaborated in the execution of a new viaduct over the Rambla Portuaria in Uruguay.

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