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Line 3 in Panama

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The Line 3 project, located in Panama City, started on February 22th and is now completing its different phases.

This is an ambitious project, which will start at Albrook Station and pass through Arraiján and Nuevo Chorrillo until it reaches Ciudad de Futuro. In all, the first phase of the project will be 24.5 kilometers long and will have 12 elevated stations.

The project will create a double track with up to 28 six-car trains and two circuits: East (from Albrook to Nuevo Chorrillo) and Complete (from Albrook to Ciudad del Futuro). At peak hour it is estimated that it will be able to accommodate up to 20,000 users so it will be a great improvement not only in the transportation of the area, but also in the accesses and nearby areas.

Alsina Panamá is part of the Line 3 project. We have supplied 9 Self-Spanning formwork molds for the lintels of the viaduct, which were delivered last April and have been a great success thanks to their speed and versatility.

In the construction of the Metro stations, we are using AR Shoring, Multiform and for some concrete structures, it will also be necessary to use H33 Truss.

The stations have 6 capitals with two levels: the lobby level and the platform level. The Multiform Climbing System is being used to free the lobby formwork to rotate the material.

AR Shoring is a support structure for slab formwork with a load capacity of 80 kN per support that adapts to any kind of surfaces and shoring structures. It’s easy to assemble with a single operator and can use phenolic plywood for fair-faced concrete or Alisan Board for a standard finish.

The Multiform Climbing System offers great versatility and can even be used with the climbing bracket in a tilted position. It adjusts perfectly to the position of the formwork before pouring the concrete and offers maximum safety to the operator.


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Clear Filters
Benta Berri station
Benta Berri station

The Benta Berri station is a railway station located in the old neighborhood of San Sebastián.

A-33 Highway
A-33 Highway

Alsina Formwork collaborated in the construction of the A-33 Highway section way between Jumilla and Yecla in Spain.

Rafael Escardo Bridge
Rafael Escardo Bridge

Alsina´s Formwork delegation in Peru has collaborated in the construction of the Rafael Escardo section located in Lima.

Rambla Portuaria Viaduct
Rambla Portuaria Viaduct

Alsina Uruguay collaborated in the execution of a new viaduct over the Rambla Portuaria in Uruguay.

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