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Malolos-Clark Railway

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Transportation in the Philippines is one of the most important issue that needs to be addressed. Congestion of vehicles within Metro Manila has caused heavy traffic leading to losses in economic productivity.

In order to augment and create long lasting solution a lot or projects now are being implemented in order to decentralize transportation and commerce outside Metro Manila through various road networks and railway projects. One of which is the Malolos-Clark Railway Project which is a 53 kilometers rail line that will connect Malolos, Bulacan and Clark, Pampanga. This project has been funded by the Asian Development Bank and is expected to have a completion of Phase 2 by the year 2025.

Alsina Philippines took part in this groundbreaking project by providing formwork in various parts of the project.

Alsina provided formwork for the Pile Caps using Alisply Walls and Alisply Manual Panels supported by Alisan and G-Props.

Alsina provided a system that is consistent to what the client need of no passing tie rods inclusive of other safety items such as Tie down brackets that prevents panel uplifts and the Alisply Guardrail Frontal Support to secure workers during their rebar works on top of the pile caps.

Aside from the Pile Caps, Alsina Philippines also had provided the necessary solution for the columns using Alisply Walls incorporating 2UPNs supports on the exterior in order to hold the concrete pressure without the need for a passing tie rod.

Another part of the project that Alsina Philippines had taken part into is the Pierhead.

Alsina had used Customized Lateral Panels, Multiform as Decking and a variation of SCAP or AR-80 shoring as bottom support.

AR-80 is a high-capacity ring lock shoring system designed to support various kinds of concrete loads from residential to civil works.

For the flat decking formwork, Alsina’s Multiform systems is the solution provided. Multiform system is a combination of 2UPN steel beams as primary beams and HT20 wood beams.

This system is adaptable to various shapes and sizes depending on the client needs. Last is the lateral formwork especially designed for the shape of the pierhead which is manufactured and delivered to the client for ease of construction of the pierheads.

Project Details
Tunnels and Bridges
Alisply Walls, Alisply Manual Panels, Alisan, G Props, Multiform, SCAP, AR Shoring



Clear Filters
Benta Berri station
Benta Berri station

The Benta Berri station is a railway station located in the old neighborhood of San Sebastián.

A-33 Highway
A-33 Highway

Alsina Formwork collaborated in the construction of the A-33 Highway section way between Jumilla and Yecla in Spain.

Rafael Escardo Bridge
Rafael Escardo Bridge

Alsina´s Formwork delegation in Peru has collaborated in the construction of the Rafael Escardo section located in Lima.

Rambla Portuaria Viaduct
Rambla Portuaria Viaduct

Alsina Uruguay collaborated in the execution of a new viaduct over the Rambla Portuaria in Uruguay.

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