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Montclair overpass and access bridge

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Pampanga is one of the fastest developing locations in the Philippines and thus townships and commercial business centers are emerging. Aligned with this growing demand in business, access roads and bridges were built in order to make these business centers accessible through linking Porac, Pampanga to the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway.

In 2021, Alsina Philippines took part in two of the important structures in this project: the overpass and the access bridge.

For both the Overpass and Access Bridge, Alsina Philippines had participated in the formwork for columns wherein Alsina had provided specially-manufactured steel round column forms. The column forms designed for the client are specially made in order to reach the necessary height and diameter needed by the client.

Aside from this, Alsina Philippines also provided solutions for the Pierheads wherein AR80 shoring, Multiform Decking and Alisply Walls were provided as solution for the client. AR80 is a shoring system that is ring-lock in nature and has a capacity to hold a maximum of 80kN per leg. Multiform on the other hand is a system comprised of HT20 Beams (Wood Beams) and 2UPN Beams (Steel Beams) finished with a layer of Alsina phenolic giving the soffit of the pierheads outstanding finish. The lateral forms were laid out with Alisply Walls which are so efficient for the client. It is a panel-type system connected together with Alsina’s GR2 clamps and secured with tie rods designed to withstand a maximum of 60kPa of concrete pressure. Alisply Walls also gave the client seamless concrete finish.

Aside from the Pierheads and Pier Columns, Alsina Philippines also took part in the formwork solution for the Cantilever Bridge Deck using the Multiform Hanger Solution.

This is a formwork system utilizing hanging MF Items on the soffit of the bridge deck providing continuous access for traffic passing underneath. The advantage of using the Multiform Hanger system is the flexibility of the Multiform to adapt to various dimensions needed by the client, exceptional concrete finishes and ease of assembly and stripping through the use of our Tractel system.

At the end of the project, Montclair Bridge will be beneficial for transportation access connecting the main business centers from Metro Manila to the growing business center in Pampanga.

Project Details
Tunnels and Bridges
Alisply Walls, AR Shoring, Multiform Hanger


Alisply Walls
Multiform BOB
AR Shoring


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