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water highway of Oued Sebou

WE accumulate experience of more than 500 water infrastructures projects worldwide.

The project to connect the Sebou basin to the Bouregreg basin is a strategic and decisive initiative recently launched at the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah dam. This connection will ensure water supply along the Rabat-Casablanca axis.

The works of the urgent phase of the interconnection project of the Sebou and Bouregreg water basins started in December 2022 and were carried out by Moroccan experts, thanks to the expertise of the companies of the SNCE company.

 With a budget of about DH 6 billion, this major project required upstream dredging at the Sebou dam, a water intake at the protection dam, a piped water supply along 66.7 km, regulation structures (a reservoir with a capacity of about 5,000 m3, velocity regulators, balancing chimney) and the construction of two pumping stations with a flow rate of 15 m3/s, in addition to the installation of the stations’ power supply structures.

The water flow is 15 m3/s, which will enable the transfer of between 350 and 400 millions m3 of potable water annually. The project, which will supply drinking water to 12 million inhabitants of the Rabat and Casablanca regions, reached a milestone on Monday, August 28, 2023, when the first cubic meters of water from Oued Sebou were successfully transported to the Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah dam. This first water highway project was completed in nine months, a record thanks to Alsina Morocco’s formwork solutions.

Alsina Morocco used several types of systems, including an effective solution with ALISPLY Walls and the Grimpant system.

Alisply Walls is a crane-operable formwork system for walls, consisting of a galvanized steel frame and a high-strength bakelized plywood surface. A manual clamp system, without the need for a hammer.

Grimpant system is a vertical formwork element that allows the progression of the structure by successive lifts of up to 6m in a safe manner and resting on the part already built. It can be installed with two anchoring systems: using M-24 bars or metal cones with a tie rod lost in the concrete.

Many thanks to SNCE team for their trusting us.

Project Details
Dams and Pipelines
Alisply Walls, Grimpant


Alisply Walls


Clear Filters
Vizcachas Dam
Vizcachas Dam

The Alsina delegation in Peru collaborated in the construction of the Vizcachas Dam, in the Quellaveco mining project in Peru.

Andra Pradesh Dam
Andra Pradesh Dam

Alsina India is participating in the construction of a hydraulic project in the state of Andhra Pradesh (India).

Santolea Dam
Santolea Dam

The final height of the tail dam is 50 m, and its length along the crown is approximately 190 m.

Presa Alto Támega Dam (Portugal)
Presa Alto Támega Dam (Portugal)

The Alto Támega Dam is part of an impressive Hydraulic Project consisting of 3 Dams and 3 Hydroelectric Power Plants

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