50 TN Support Bracket

High load capacity gantry bracket, used for framing lintels, capitals and slabs at high altitude avoiding the need of shoring towers.

The gantry bracket allows to download and level the system, making the formwork’s assembly and disassembly easier.


Placed trhough a 1 1/2” (38 mm) dywidag pre-tensioned by a manual hydraulic equipment bar, thus ensuring the correct connection between the gantry bracket and the concrete facing.


The assembly formed by the wedge and the release guide allows the formwork and downloading system’s leveling, facilitating thereby the assembly and disassembly of the supporting structure.

High productivity

The system is completed by a set of HEA-600 beams of various sizes: 9′-10 1/8” (3 meters), 3′-11 1/4” (12 meters) and 4′-11 1/16” (15 meters).


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