A30-A35-A40 Prop

Alsina has designed the A3 Post-Shore, the only releasing post-shore in the world that complies with the EN 1065 European Standard.

This product belongs to the new generation of Class A Post- Shores with quick release and integrated safety systems.

The A3 Post-Shore brings new and significant technological improvements to the market with just a 26,45 Ibs (12 kg) weight.


The Alsina A3 Post-Shore is designed and manufactured in accordance to the EN 1065 European Standard, certified by the prestigious GermanInstitute Sigma Karlsruhe GmbH.

The certification process consisted of:

  • Verification of the post-shore resistance by means of calculations performed with specific software.
  • Compression tests with eccentric load, shaft fall, etc.
  • Periodical manufacturing audits.
  • Exhaustive quality controls on raw materials, dimensions, etc.
  • Anti-separation system between shaft and body and greater overlap between them.
  • Thread regulator with end stop.
  • Safety distance against getting-hands-caught.
  • Greater overlap between body and shaft.
  • New quick release system, comfortable and safe.

The A3, provided with a body and shaft separation system, prevents the fall of shafts, especially dangerous during the transportation by crane.


The A3 has made possible to combine two contrasting properties in one product: the lightness of the traditional Spanish post-shore and the high resistance (high quality steel) demanded by the strict EN-1065 European Standard.


Thanks to its releasing system it is no necessary to hit the lower part of the post-shore body or the handles of the thread to remove it. This means less work and less wear and tear on material.