Alisply Quick Core System

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Alisply Quick Core Cystem

The retractable formwork for hollow structures and cores offers the versatility necessary to solve hollow structures and cores such as elevator shafts or columns.

The retractable panel complements the set of accessories of the Alisply system in order to solve the stripping of formwork using a crane in hollow structures and cores.

The retractable formwork offers a great added value in terms of safety since it is not necessary that the operator enters the interior of the formwork in order to strip the interior in the traditional way.

This is a system that offers great productivity due to its automatic activation using the vertical force of the crane.


The Alisplay Walls System Retractable Panel is set-up by using a Manual Staple, without the need of any tools.

The system improves safety in the working process of this type of structural elements.


Due to its quick and practical assembly system, operation times are reduced significantly, therefore accelerating the next concreting phase.

Ease of formwork set- up and formwork release.

Automatic operation

Automatic operation concept: the retractable formwork has the needed internal mechanisms that allow the vertical crane operation to translate into a horizontal movement of the formwork retraction.


Comprehensive security: the internal formwork forms a single drawer without loose parts, which could come off. Besides, there is no need for the operator to enter the internal geometry unless he has Dywidag braces to pass.