Alisply Steel Columns

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Alisply Steel Columns

System for the forming of cylindrical piles consisting of half-round metal panels. The Alisply Steel Columns System allows the implementation of round pillars or modular columns with semicircular ends.

Likewise, on having the Alisply section at the ends, the joints are made with the quick and manual Alsina GR-2 Clamp. This characteristic makes the system completely compatible with the Alisply formwork systems and offers quick and easy assemblies.


Alsina offers a wide range of measurements that allow implementing round piles of dimensions between 7 7/8” and 6′-6 3/4” (20 and 200 cm) diameter. In standard measurements up to 3′-3 3/8” (100 cm) with increments of 1 15/16” (5 cm) intervals and from 100 to 200 with 3 15/16” (10 cm) intervals.


Alisply Steel Columns provides a great versatility on site thanks to its compatibility with other formwork systems like Alisply Walls, Alisply Columns or Alisply Multipurpose for semicircular ends in piles and walls.


Manufactured in 1/8” (3 mm) thick high resistance steel, a characteristic that provides a greater resistance and a better performance on site.