Light and reusable manual wall formwork

Modular formwork system for the execution of concrete walls and columns, designed to be used by hand use and / or with a crane. Designed to solve projects with only 5 panel sizes, 90, 75 universal, 50, 30 and 35×35 universal inner corner in metric panels and 3’, 2’, 1’-8”, 1’ and 1’x1’ inner conner in imperial panels. Its resistance and versatility make it a product capable of solving, with its standard elements, most situations that we encounter during construction.



Really lightweight system, and is therefore ideal for projects that do not contemplate using a crane. Nevertheless, thanks to the wide range of system accessories, large screens can be mounted, using a crane for handling and positioning.



The Alisply Manual system and its accessories are designed for a fast and easy assembly. The 4 5/16” (11 cm) frame support makes it easier to assemble and align the panels. The Alisply Manual Clip makes joins possible anywhere on the frame, and aligns the panels as well.



Due to the great variety of modules and accessories, any kind of wall can be erected with panels 30/50/75 and 90 cm wide and also allow for polygonal walls. The system withstands a pressure of 1253 psf (60 kN/m2), in compliance with the DIN 18202 standard.



The Alisply Manual System is manufactured with a galvanized steel structure to protect it from corrosion. The formwork surface is phenolic plywood board, protected with a piece of melanin that provides a visible concrete finish.


  • Panel weight of 30 Kg/m² (6 psf).
  • Admissible Pressure: between 60 kN/m² (1253 psf) and 80 kN/m² (1670 psf) (according to panel). Complying with DIN 18218 standard.
  • 3.00 m, 2.70 m and 1.50 m in metric panels.
  • 9’ and 5’ in imperial panels.
  • The holes for the tie bars are not located in the frame, improving its finish and allowing the construction of sloping walls.
  • 220 gr/mm2 phenolic contact face, supported by top quality plywood, with protection of the bars of the plywood with stainless steel bushings.
  • Long-lasting panels made of high-strength galvanized steel.
  • Ribs with drain and for easy cleaning.
  • Quick nut for assembling tie bars.
  • PVC pipes with cone to avoid loss of grout and taper ties.
  • PVC chamfer for exposed corner solutions.



The Alisply Manual system is very used in building and civil works: Double-sided structural walls, elevator shafts, bridge columns, abutments, tanks, one and two-sided retaining walls, columns of any section, foundations, etc.