Alisply Walls Handset

Modular formwork system for the implementation of fair-faced concrete walls, designed to be handled by hand or with a crane.

Its resistance and versatility make this product able to solve with its standard elements the best part of the situations that so often arise in building.

  • Panels weight: 66,13 Ibs (30 Kg)/ m2.
  • Allowable pressure: 60 kN/ m2 (6.000 kg/m2), complying with the DIN 18202 Standard.
  • 8′-10 5/16” (2,70 m) high modules with only 2 tie rods (Dywidag Bar) in height (0,66 tie rods per m2 of surface).
  • The holes for the tie rods are not in the frame, thus improving the finishing and allowing the implementation of stepped walls.
  • Protection of the plywood holes with glued PVC plugs.
  • Both, the metal frames and the accessories are finished with an electrolytic galvanizing that protects them from corrosion.
  • The panels designed with metric modulation allow combining easily horizontal and vertical panels facilitating the setting-out on site.
  • Self-aligning panel with an 4 5/16” (11 cm) edge profile.
  • Joint between panels by means of 3 different types of clamps: one wedge type and two manual and quick to place with no need of other tools.
  • The clamp can be freely placed at any point of the outer frame, allowing the implementation of battered walls.
  • Specially manufactured 1/2” (12 mm) thick phenolic plywood, protected by a 240 gr/m2 melamine layer on its working surface.
  • Specific elements for foundations.