Thanks to the Alsicar System made up of the post-shore container and the various wheel units, we can noticeably improve performance and safety in construction processes with a maximum load of 1,250 Kg.

Thanks to the post-shore container, the material can be stored safely taking up as little space as possible, therefore keeping the site neat and tidy at all times.

In transport operations using a crane, the material is secured at all times so as to avoid any dangerous situations where the load overturns.

Using the various wheel systems, the material can be transported on the site without having to depend on the crane or the operators having to move the material unit by unit.

Post-shore carrier Container, made out of steel sections, for comfortably and safely transporting post-shores on site. As well as other longitudinal elements such as girders, vertical scaffolding, etc.

Alsicar Wheeled devices that attach to the post-shore container to help transport it on site, therefore considerably improving performance.

Different models are available for meeting the various requirements according to the project type and site.

The post-shore container fitted with any of the wheel systems is called Alsicar.

Space saving Post-shore container allows compact stacking to avail of the storage and transport space.

They can also be stacked conventionally one on top of the other, up to a maximum height of 5 elements.


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