Alsina AR-80 shoring system

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Alsina AR-80 shoring system

The light, strong, reliable support system AR-80 Shoring System is a support structure for slab formwork.

Its most outstanding feature is its high bearing capacity: 17984 lbf per support. It is based on a scaffolding system with multidirectional connections.

Easy to assemble and used by a vast number of construction professionals, it provides support for both independent towers and fixed scaffolding, depending on application requirements.

The AR-80 Shoring System has been tested in Applus laboratories and endorsed by technical reports from the Universitat Politècnica of Catalonia (Spain)


Alsina´s AR-80 Shoring System has a bearing capacity of 17.984 lbf per support and is the ideal choice for high load requirements.


Its multidirectional connection system and standard sizes allow it to incorporate a wide range of accessories, whether made by Alsina or other manufacturers, to assist in moving and add functional advantages.


AR-80 Shoring System can be configured to provide support for geometrically complex surfaces for the construction of inclined slabs, domes or adjusted surfaces.


Configuration as towers or close-woven shoring in combination with various floor sizes, from 2´-4 3/4´´ to 8´-5 1/4´´(0.73 m to 2.57 m), allow the support structure distribution to adapt to each specific need, optimizing resources and costs.