Alsina CL-40 Shoring System

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Alsina CL-40 Shoring System

Support structure for horizontal or sloping slab formworks.

The system consists of vertical supporting elements and a multidirectional system connecting them. The versatility of use, the ease of assembly and the number of accessories allow the system propping both, braced shoring and individual towers.

The system can support a 8818 Ibs (4.000 Kg) load per joint to prop any structural element in building or civil engineering.

  • The same common elements can produce the following systems:
  • Mobile work platforms, essential element to pour and vibrate concrete safely in columns and walls.
  • Access stairways, complying with the applicable Standards and allowing any height to be reached in total safety.
  • Reinforced scaffold, which provides a stable structure for the steel framework operations.

LIGHT AND RESISTANT o The Shoring system is light and practical, the head can house any kind of Alsina standard profiles: metal or HT-20 wooden beams. These components perform a double function: they support the formwork surface and brace the support structure.

QUICK o The multidirectional joint technique saves valuable time during the assembly. It also provides exceptional stability and the possibility of different forms. The shoring towers can be assembled lying on the ground or vertically in their final position. o Likewise, due to their high rigidity they can be transported from one structure to the next without having to be disassembled.

CERTIFIED AND ACCREDITED o Certified and accredited system that uses components of proven quality and offers a guarantee certified by the current standards.