Alsina Mexico participated on the construction of residential building Aldebaran in Guadalajara City

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Alsina Mexico participated on the construction of residential building Aldebaran in Guadalajara City

The Project: Construction of the Building Residence in Guadalajara

Alsina Mexico is participating in the construction of a residential complex in the city of Guadalajara (Mexico). This project consists of a 12-storey building, highlighting that until now the client had only used wooden formwork equipment. The construction management has assessed the speed, safety and productivity of working with Alsina’s fully mechanized formwork equipment very positively.

Alsina: practical and effective solutions for residential equipment

For the implementation of the project Alsina supplied its formwork systems Mecanoflex Slabs, Alispilar Columns, and Alisply Walls Handset.

For slab formwork, the client has decided to use the Mecanoflex system, the most versatile slab system on the market. Mecanoflex is a slab formwork system which is unique due to its simplicity as it only uses two basic elements (Stringer and Joist) for assembly. These elements combine to create a grid and make up the formwork. The elements have been designed to be: light, resistant, and are alsomechanized to facilitate assembly without the use of tools. The capacity to overlap elements enables creating the slab formwork along with the beam, a great selling point for slab formwork with hanging beams.

In order to carry out the columns, the site was supplied with Alispilar equipment, a column formwork system designed by Alsina to considerably improve the working method for the execution of standard columns in construction. It is a light but resistant system, with quick and easy assembly and which, thanks to its plywood panel and chamfer angles (to smooth the edges), provides a good concrete finish.

The Alisply Walls System is formwork which is characterized by the high performance it offers on site. It stands out for its resistance to rough handling on the work site, the simplicity of the assembly thanks to the joining of panels being created with the only manual clamp on the market and, lastly, the quality of the concrete which it offers thanks to its phenolic lining. These three characteristics make Alisply Walls one of the most comprehensive systems on the market for carrying out concrete walls and columns. The design of the panel manufactured in steel and reinforced with zinc allow for a long useful life with the same characteristics.

Location: Tijuana, Mexico
Completion date: 2018/2019