Alsina Paraguay participates in the construction of a large supermarket in Villa Elisa

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Alsina Paraguay participates in the construction of a large supermarket in Villa Elisa

The project: Large supermarket in Asunción

Alsina’s Formwork subsidiary in Paraguay has collaborated in 2019 in the construction project of a large supermarket in Villa Elisa, located on the outskirts of Asunción, the capital of the country.

The project involved the construction of 10.000 m2 of slab and 2.000 linear meters of hanging beams, and posed the challenge of being completed in just 90 days, something that was possible thanks to the efficiency and high performance of Alsina formwork systems.

Alsina: safe and profitable solutions for the construction of equipment

Alsina has supplied a wide variety of its formwork systems for the implementation of the project, among which are the Vistaform Table, the G30 Post-shore and Alisan Prop, the Alumecano plywood formwork system and the VCM system for the Hanging Beams.

The implementation of the project with these Alsina formwork systems has allowed a good finish and high productivity on site without sacrificing workers safety.

Alsina’s Alumecano plywood system is a robust, safe and lightweight structural steel mechano system with a revolutionary duralumin tilting and a phenolic board-framing surface that is perfect for roofing, as it allows fast assembly and recovery of 80% of the elements three days after concreting.

On the other hand, Alsina’s recoverable Friendly Beam VCM (Modular Hanging Beam) system is the only recoverable formwork system designed specifically for hanging beams forming that allows to recover up to 80% of the equipment within 72 hours after concreting. This is a metal system with easy assembly that solves the problems arising from the use of timber and non-recoverable formwork beams, composed of elements made of reinforced steel frame and phenolic surface. With this new system, Alsina helps to achieve an orderly, safe and cost-effective process when shuttering beams, since it is designed to reduce the time and improve the quality of the formwork and stripping of the beams.

Location: Asuncion, Paraguay

Implementation Date: 2019