Alsina participated in the construction of the Platan shopping center in Poland

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Alsina participated in the construction of the Platan shopping center in Poland

The project: Shopping Mall in Poland

Alsina’s Formwork subsidiary in Poland began in 2017 its collaboration in the construction of the Platan Shopping Center in the Polish city of Zabrze.

This project, which has been carried out in three years, has consisted of the construction of a 10,000 m2 car park and a shopping center of 22,000 m2 that brings together various shops and services in the area, with the aim of boosting the area and resulting in an engine economic and social aspects of the region.

You can see videos of the project here and here.

Alsina: safe and profitable solutions for the construction of equipment

Alsina has supplied a wide variety of its formwork systems for the implementation of the project including: Alisply Walls, Alisply Multipurpose, Alumecano, CL40 Shoring, Vistaform Slabs and the well-known Alsipercha fall protection system.

It is worth noting that this was the first project that Alsina Poland carried out with this client, and both the service offered and the resolution capacity of the formwork and formwork systems of Alsina were completely appreciated.

The implementation of the project with Alsina´s formwork systems has allowed obtaining a high productivity in the jobsite, fulfilling the deadlines without renouncing to the safety of the operators.

The modular formwork system Alisply Walls is a resistant, versatile and compatible system regarding its accessories with each of Alisly’s family systems, which makes the equipment use very profitable on the jobsite. The Alisply’s formwork system surface is phenolic, so it offers multiple advantages over metallic surfaces, such as lower weight, higher quality of concrete, increased performance and greater resistance to inclement weather.

On the other hand, Alumecano is a re-usable formwork system for the implementation of waffle slabs with permanent coffer, one-way concrete beams and solid slabs. Alumecano only uses 3 basic components (Girder, Support Girder and Drop head) including the revolutionary new Drop head made of duralumin (structural aluminum), which makes it light and resistant for the support of the formwork surface. This system allows to recover a large part of the used equipment (100% of the Boards and 50% of the Struts) 72 hours after concreting, without the need for re-shoring, so they can be used elsewhere, making it a very profitable formwork system.

As for Alsina’s CL-40 shoring system, of which 6.000 m3 were used to make the loading towers and 1.000 m3 for slab execution, this is a very versatile, light, resistant and easy to assemble system that allows setting both braced shoring and individual towers. Composed of vertical supporting elements and a multidirectional system connecting them, it allows supporting an 8818 Ibs (4.000 Kg) load per joint to prop any structural element in building or civil engineering.

Finally, Alsipercha is a personal fall arrest system, consisting of a steel body and a self retractable lifeline that locks when an acceleration occurs during a fall, thus reducing the impact forces on the operator and the structure (similar to a seat belt of a car) while it provides complete freedom of movement (360º) by rotating on its axis, thus allowing the operator to safely perform operations at height.

The system offers several advantages: it is a preventive system (“0″Fall factor), it requires a simple, quick and intuitive assembly, it is a tool that boosts productivity, since the operator can freely move with the confidence of knowing he is fully secured at all times and it is adaptable to metal structures by using its clamp steel column accessory.

Location: Poland

Completion date: 2018