Alsina participates in the construction of the “Conexión Pacífico 1” highway in Colombia

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Alsina participates in the construction of the “Conexión Pacífico 1” highway in Colombia

The Project: Pacific Connection Highway 1 in Antioquia

The Alsina Colombia Subsidiary has been carrying out various participations in the execution of bridges and tunnels for the impressive megaproject of the Pacific Connection Highway 1. This project designed and managed by the Vial del Pacífico Concessionaire company, includes the execution of 65 bridges (34 correspond to the cantilever system and 31 to the plate and beam system), two double tube tunnels, and a 32km double carriageway with the best design and safety characteristics, which will open paths of social and economic opportunities for the Department of Antioquia (northeast of Colombia) facilitating its connection with the southwest of the country.

Alsina: practical and effective solutions for civil works

To carry out this project, Alsina has supplied Alisply Manual wall formwork systems, Circular Alisply Vaults system, AR-80 Formwork and Multiform bridges slab system. In addition to access stairs, 50 TN Support Bracket, EHB 300 beams, Alisply Circular Columns, and special chamfered corners, etc.

Alisply Walls Handset is a formwork characterized by its lightness and high performance. It stands out for its resistance to handling at the jobsite, its assembly simplicity thanks to the union of panels that are created with the only manual clamp on the market and, finally, the quality of the concrete thanks to its phenolic coating.

Circular Alisply Vaults system allows the perfect adaptation to the geometry of the vault with a 2.5 m radius. This system of circular walls adapted to form vaults is resistant, versatile and compatible with the MultiForm family, which allows equipment’s high profitability at the job site. Alisply system has a phenolic surface, so it offers multiple advantages over metallic surfaces, such as lower weight, higher quality of concrete, increased performance and greater resistance to inclement weather.

On the other hand, Alsina AR-80 shoring system is a very versatile and easy to assemble reliable support system for slab formwork implementation, consisting of vertical support elements and a system of multidirectional connections that allows providing support for both independent towers and fixed scaffolding, depending on application requirements, and annex auxiliary elements such as access stairs or safety platforms to it. This is a really strong multidirectional system, with a bearing capacity of 17.984 lbf per support, which allows shoring any structural element in civil engineering projects.

Finally, Alsina’s Multiform system, consisting of double UPN metal beams, wooden beams, strips and turnbuckles is one of Alsina’s most versatile systems, allowing “ad hoc” design of the necessary recoverable formwork to adapt to any geometry whether they are straight, curved or one sided walls, lintels or bridge boards.

Location: Colombia

Date of completion: 2020