Alsina participates in the construction of a toll road in Southeast Asia

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Alsina participates in the construction of a toll road in Southeast Asia

The project: Transportation Infrastructure in Southeast Asia

Alsina’s Formwork delegation in Asia began in 2017 their collaboration in the construction of a major toll road in Southeast Asia

This project, which is scheduled to be completed in 2019, involves the construction of a highway with 500 lintels using SOSROBAHU technology, which consists of concreting the lintel parallel to the traffic, with the aim of not hindering it, and once all the lintels have been finished, these are rotated 90º to place them in their correct position.

Alsina: customized and effective solutions

Alsina has adapted to the needs of the customer, who wanted a formwork system that could be assembled on the ground, lifted up with a crane and stripped without disassembly with a crane. In addition, in order to meet the finishing demands the phenolic has been replaced as a formwork surface by a special plate designed by Alsina, with the capability to adapt to the Lintel´s bottom geometry, which has three curved surfaces combined.

Thus, Alsina has supplied 10 sets of Mainroad lintel with 1.500 m3 of AR-65 Shoring system, Alisply Walls and Multiform system, as well as 8 sets of Ramp lintel with the SCAP formwork system.

Alsina’s Alisply range includes several recoverable formwork systems for the construction of walls and columns. This is a resistant, versatile and compatible system with all other accessories from Alisply family systems, a fact that makes so much more profitable the formwork equipment on site.

The formwork surface of different types of Alisply is made of plywood, which offers many advantages over metal surfaces, such as lower weight, higher concrete quality, increased performance and greater resistance to inclement weather.

On the other hand, Alsina’s Multiform system, consisting of double UPN metal beams, wooden beams, strips and turnbuckles is one of Alsina’s most versatile systems, allowing “ad hoc” design of the necessary recoverable formwork to adapt to any geometry whether they are straight, curved or one sided walls, lintels or bridge boards.

Location: Southeast Asia

Date of completion: 2018