Alsina participates in the construction of the building Kronos de Badalona (Barcelona – Spain)

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Alsina participates in the construction of the building Kronos de Badalona (Barcelona – Spain)

The Project: Construction of residential building

Alsina España Cataluña is participating in the construction of a residential complex in the city of Badalona (Barcelona). In total, 50,000 m2 will be constructed to accommodate 252 homes.

Alsina: practical and efficient solutions for construction   

To carry out the project, Alsina provided its formwork systems Alumecano, Alispilar, Alisply, and Cimbra AR-80.

Alumecano is a reusable formwork system for making waffle slabs with a permanent coffer, one-way concrete beams, and solid slabs. The Alumecano System uses only three basic elements (Stringer, Joist, and Drop Head) including the revolutionary new drop head made of duralumin (structural aluminum) which makes it light and resistant in supporting the formwork surface. This system allows you to reuse a large part of the equipment used (100% of the Panels and 50% of the Post Shores) 72 hours after concreting, without the need for reshoring, to use them again, which makes it a very productive and cost-effective formwork system.

Alispilar is a column formwork system designed by Alsina to considerably improve the working method for the execution of standard columns in construction. It is a light but resistant system, with quick and easy assembly and which, thanks to its plywood panel and chamfer angles (to smooth the edges), provides a high-quality concrete finish. It is very cost-effective and adapts to all kinds of markets and types of works, which is why it has been successfully used in a multitude of projects around the world since its creation and constantly gains more and more users.

The Alsina Alisplyrange includes multiple reusable formwork systems for the construction of walls and columns. This is a resistant, versatile, and compatible system in its accessories with each of the systems in the range as it greatly capitalizes on the use of the equipment on site. The formwork surface of the different types of Alisply is phenolic and therefore offers multiple advantages against metal surfaces, such as a lower weight, greater quality of concrete, increase in performance, and greater resistance to inclement weather.

Location: Badalona, Spain
Completion date: 2018