Alsina participates in the construction of the Madrid-Galicia Spanish High-Speed Railway line

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Alsina participates in the construction of the Madrid-Galicia Spanish High-Speed Railway line

The project: Transportation Infrastructure in Spain

Alsina’s Formwork began in 2017 its collaboration in the construction of the Vilariño – Campobecerros high-speed train line sub-section, included in the stretch Lubián – Orense, in Spain.

The project, which will be completed this year 2018, will facilitate the arrival of high-speed railway to Galicia from Madrid.  Alsina is participating in construction of the False tunnels for the tunnel in gallery outlet structure in the town of Campobecerros, while overcoming the challenge of allowing the temporary circulation of construction vehicles under the formwork carriage.

Alsina: safe and effective solutions for the construction of transport infrastructures

Alsina has supplied a wide variety of their formwork systems for the implementation of this project, among which are 15 linear meters of formwork carriage the for internal vault with AR Shoring system, Multiform and Alisply circular walls; 15 linear meters of external formwork for the vault with Multiform system and Alisply Circular walls; 15 linear meters of double-sided formwork for gables ends with Alisply Heavy walls, Alisply circular walls and Multiform; and two sets of 15 linear meters of Reinforced scaffold with corbels.

Alsina’s AR-80 shoring system is a very versatile and easy to assemble reliable support system for slab formwork implementation, consisting of vertical support elements and a system of multidirectional connections that allows providing support for both independent towers and fixed scaffolding, depending on application requirements, and annex auxiliary elements such as access stairs or safety platforms to it. This is a really strong multidirectional system, with a bearing capacity of 17.984 lbf per support, which allows shoring any structural element in civil engineering projects.

On the other hand Alsina’s Alisply range includes several recoverable formwork systems for the construction of walls and columns. This is a resistant, versatile and compatible system with all other accessories from Alisply family systems, a fact that makes so much more profitable the formwork equipment on site.
The formwork surface of different types of Alisply is made of plywood, which offers many advantages over metal surfaces, such as lower weight, higher concrete quality, increased performance and greater resistance to inclement weather.

Finally Alsina’s Multiform system, consisting of double UPN metal beams, wooden beams, strips and turnbuckles is one of Alsina’s most versatile systems, allowing “ad hoc” design of the necessary recoverable formwork to adapt to any geometry whether they are straight, curved or one sided walls, lintels or bridge boards, which has allowed to solve without problems the adaptation of the formwork wall to the vault´s geometry.

Location: Spain
Completion date: 2017