Alsina participates in the construction of the National Museum of Archeology new headquarters in Peru

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Alsina participates in the construction of the National Museum of Archeology new headquarters in Peru

The project: Museum Building in Lurín, Lima.

Alsina’s Formwork delegation in Peru began in 2017 its collaboration in the construction of the new headquarters of the National Museum of Archeology (MUNA) in Lurin, located at the south of Lima (Peru), a grand building that seeks to link the past and the present through a modern structure that stands out in the landscape near the famous ruins of Pachacamac.

This project, which is currently one of the most important works underway in the Peruvian capital and the country, has a total investment of about 150 million euros, will be built on a 65.000m2 plot of land and will include conservation rooms and research laboratories, as well as specialized deposits with the highest technology to adequately house the treasures of the country.

The MUNA, which will become one of the largest museums in Latin America and the world, will have a parking lot at two heights between 3 and 5 meters high, and a five-story building, including the roof, between 4 and 22 meters high.

Alsina: versatile and effective solutions for building

For the implementation of the project, Alsina has supplied 5.000 m2 of its Mecanoflex formwork system, as well as 6.000 m2 and 15.000 m3 of its AR-80 shoring system, which both have adapted perfectly to the architectural requirements of the structure, besides offering ease of assembly and adaptability to the desired geometries.

Alsina’s Mecanoflex system is an ideal system to adapt to any type of perimeter, since it solves merging hanging beams without any problem thanks to its flexibility. It is also a very versatile and easy to assemble system, which allows high performance

On the other hand, Alsina’s AR-80 shoring system is a very versatile and easy to assemble reliable support system for slab formwork implementation, consisting of vertical support elements and a system of multidirectional connections that allows providing support for both independent towers and fixed scaffolding, depending on application requirements, and annex auxiliary elements such as access stairs or safety platforms to it. This is a really strong multidirectional system, with a bearing capacity of 17.984 lbf per support, which allows shoring any structural element in civil engineering projects.

Location: Perú
Date of completion: 2017