Alsina participates in the construction of the Riyadh metro (Saudi Arabia)

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Alsina participates in the construction of the Riyadh metro (Saudi Arabia)

The project: metro in the city of Riyadh

Alsina began in 2015 its collaboration in the construction of the Riyadh Metro, a project that implies building 6 subway lines in the city, has a total of 175km of metro and 82 stations, and an investment of 22.5 trillion dollars.

The project has been divided into three parts that have been awarded to three different consortia. Alsina participates in the project by supplying its formwork systems to the FAST consortium, led by FCC and also comprising ALSTOM, SAMSUNG and STRUKTON, in charge of lines L4, L5 and L6 of the project. Nowadays Alsina is collaborating in a site   that belongs to the L5, fully built by FCC and that includes 6 different projects awarded in this same line.

This work, which is scheduled to be completed this year 2017, consists of building an emergency pit as an exit of a gallery that connects directly with the tunnel through which the subway circulates, and involves the construction of a 12 faced polygonal at 12.88m in height, set out in 3 pours (6-10-13m) at a depth of 30 meters.

Alsina: safe and versatile solutions for transportation

For the implementation of the project, Alsina has supplied its formwork systems Alisply Walls, Multiform, AR-80 Shoring system and access ladder with multidirectional, without needing to design any product adapted to the project given the versatility of its shuttering solutions. Alsina’s Alisply system has solved much of the work, except for the area that connects with the gallery, which has been implemented with Multiform. In the last stage, not yet completed, the upper part of the connection with the arched gallery will be carried on by using AR-80 shoring system and re-using Multiform equipment.

Alsina’s Alisply range includes several recoverable formwork systems for the construction of walls and columns. This is a resistant, versatile and compatible system with all other accessories from Alisply family systems, a fact that makes so much more profitable the formwork equipment on site.
The formwork surface of different types of Alisply is made of plywood, which offers many advantages over metal surfaces, such as lower weight, higher concrete quality, increased performance and greater resistance to inclement weather.

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Completion date: 2017