Alsina participates in the construction of the Utebo wastewater treatment plant in Zaragoza (Spain)

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Alsina participates in the construction of the Utebo wastewater treatment plant in Zaragoza (Spain)

The project: Wastewater treatment plant in Utebo

Alsina Formwork finalized in 2017 its collaboration in the construction of the Utebo Wastewater Treatment Plant, an structure with capacity for a population of 70.000 inhabitants, as the result of grouping several localities in the Zaragoza area.

This civil work project, which began in 2015, also consisted of the construction of 17 kilometers of collectors that collect the sewage from all the urban areas covered by the WWTP and lead them to it.

Alsina: versatile and effective solutions for civil works construction  

For the implementation of the project, Alsina supplied a great variety of its formwork systems, including Alisply Walls, Alisply Circular Walls as a constructive solution for the decanters and reactors numerous circular walls, C-160 Climbing system, CL-40 Shoring system to solve the roof slab of the Anaerobic reactor, Vistaform Slabs, reinforced Scaffold and access staircase.

Alsina’s Alisply range includes several recoverable formwork systems for the construction of walls and columns. This is a resistant, versatile and compatible system with all other accessories from Alisply family systems, a fact that makes so much more profitable the formwork equipment on site.

The formwork surface of different types of Alisply is made of plywood, which offers many advantages over metal surfaces, such as lower weight, higher concrete quality, increased performance and greater resistance to inclement weather.

On the other hand, Alsina’s C-160 Climbing system allows piles and walls of climbing cycles with pouring heights of up to 4 meters, to be formed with total safety for the operators. The assembly of the climbing platform and its safety platform can be carried out on the ground, before positioning it on the wall or pile, or by placing the platforms in the anchorage rings and assembling the platform later. It can be set using either Alisply (straight and radius walls) or Vistaform and Multiform formwork systems, making it a very versatile but also safe system.

Finally, Alsina’s Vistaform Slabs is a traditional formwork system for exposed slabs composed of structural wood beams, supported by adjustable height support elements. This is a fast and versatile system that enables the distribution of beams and propping according to the weight of the slab to be implemented, besides facilitating the encounter with walls and hanging beams since the wooden beams can overlap each other. On the other hand, Vistaform Slabs offers the possibility to use different forming surfaces depending on the project concrete finish requirements, hence allowing a smooth finish.

Location: Utebo, Zaragoza (Spain)
Completion date: 2017