Alsina resolves A-21 Highway Formwork in Jaca-Huesca (Spain)

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Alsina resolves A-21 Highway Formwork in Jaca-Huesca (Spain)

The project: Civil Works – Highway Construction / Alsina resolves A-21 Highway Formwork in Jaca-Huesca (Spain)

Alsina Formwork started in October of last year 2016 its collaboration in the construction of the Jaca (West) – Santa Cilia de Jaca Section of the A-21 Jaca L.P. of Navarra Highway, in charge of customer Ecyser Mediterraneo.
The project, which is scheduled to be completed this year 2017, involves the construction of two viaducts of 8 circular solid piles up to 22 meters high with a 2.30 meters diameter section throughout its height except in the last 5 meters of the shaft, in which it is reduced at 1,80 meters of diameter.

The project obviously implies also the construction of its corresponding 8 capitals, which will be of variable section of up to 3.20 meters of height and 9 meters of length.

Alsina: versatile and effective formwork solutions for civil worksimplementation.

For the implementation of this project Alsina Formwork has supplied a great variety of its formwork systems.
The diameters of the piles are being implemented by using Alisply’s Circular Half-Pillar metallic molds combined with Alsina’s C-240 Climbing System. The company has also supplied its Alisply Circular , Alisply Walls, Multiform and SCAP System for piers formwork systems. It is worth mentioning that there has been no need to design any customized product due to the versatility and complementation of the existing systems created by Alsina.
On the one hand, the use of Alsina’s vault system with Alisply Circular has allowed the capitals circular side formwork to be made with 100% leased material, which means a greater profitability for the customer and a big difference in the service compared to most of our competition, which usually supply materials for sale.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the combination of Multiform system and SCAP Piers System has proved to be decisive in relation to the circular geometry of the battery shaft, since its versatility has made all the difference in solving the project satisfactorily while it could have been much more complex In its implementation with other much less versatile systems.

Location: Spain
Completion date: 2017