A safety system, especially useful for perimeters. The system ensures completely safe conditions while installing: boards, safety handrails, gallows-type safety nets, formwork risers and all activities involved in formwork assembly where there is risk of falling from a height. Easy to assemble and use, does not require outside installers.


The Alsipercha system is an accident prevention system: falls are minimal, thanks to the locking of the retractable system, which is activated upon acceleration. As a result, the risk of workers suffering injuries is greatly reduced.

Quick and easy assembly

The use and assembly of the Alsipercha system is easy and intuitive. Alsina has an explanatory video of the system; the Alsipercha system is supplied to work sites with a detailed assembly manual, which familiarizes workers with this innovative security system.

Perimeters and high floors

Especially effective in high risk situations: perimeters and high floors. In fact it is basically the only system with these characteristics, preventative and effective, currently available for these types of work site situations. Ideal for edging operations, such as positioning of the guardrails, positioning of the side forms, positioning of the edge panels.

The Alsipercha system consists of a structure in the form of an inverted L, made out of high quality steel. The dimensions of this device once positioned on the column are 11’-5 13/16” (3.5 m) in height and 8’-2 7/16” (2.5 m) in length, which is supplemented with a retractable fall arrester device of 8’-2 7/16” (2.5 m) in length. The entire assembly is moved with a crane using a sling and is set in the metal tubes (conical in shape), which were previously positioned during the concrete process for the floor columns. These tubes go in approximately 50% of the columns of the work site and do not affect the structure.


To make working with the system easier, and to optimize its use on site, a prior planning of the floor to shutter is carried out. The planning of the floor takes into account the 21’-3 7/8” (6.5 m) working radius of the system.

Positioning of the conical tube

Once the work zone is planned, you can place reusable steel tubes in those columns that will be concreted (blue). After the concrete has set, you can assemble the Alsipercha system in one of the ends of the surface and you can begin wooden framework operations safely. The system allows one or more operators to work at the same time without having to cross each other.

Use of the system

Once the operator is secured to an Alsipercha system, the boarding phase can be carried out within the work perimeter allowed by the system. The radius of 21’-3 7/8” 6.5 m covers a surface of 1,345.4 spft (125 m2) in order to board or carry out work at different heights without any risk.