Novel slab with wood beam formwork system, including machined elements to increase productivity in this type of systems.

The Aluflex System only uses three basic items (Aluminium girder with multiple joist location, HT-20 wood beam and beam support TC) With these three elements and a work method that has been used by the Alsina clients for more than 30 years, Aluflex is the ideal solution for making concrete forged items economically, for any type of perimeter.

Light and simple

This is the element that has to be laid the most times, and therefore it has to be lightweight and strong.

Fast and resistant

The aluminium girder is designed to support and reposition the wood beams according to the slab load. This feature saves having to measure distances and fix the wood beam, and therefore a sembly is much quicker than with traditional wooden prop systems.


The Aluminium beam and the HT-20 wood beam, are provided with the Guardrail accessory to protect the formworker when assembling the system. This way the Alsipercha system can be used to board the structure level in optimum safety conditions.