Alumecano Plywood

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Alumecano Plywood

Recoverable formwork system for slab floors. Alulosas consists of a structural steel mecano system with a revolutionary duralumin drop-head and phenolic plywood formwork surface.

Due to its design it allows a quick assembly and the recovery of the best part of the elements three days after pouring concrete.

Three days after pouring concrete the 80% of the components can be recovered: support girders, intermediate girders, drop-heads and panels with their respective support post-shores.

Only a line of girders every two meters remains, shoring the system until 21 or 28 days later when the concrete reaches its characteristic resistance and it is not necessary to re-shore the floor.

  • Light and resistant due to its steel and duralumin components.
  • Components designed to support the floor dead load and the service load on site.
  • Drop-head anchorage system with two points of support.
  • Safe, on fastening the phenolic plywood board to the drop-head with embedded wood.
  • Assembly compatible with Alsipercha, total safety for the operator.
  • Metal railing preventing falls during the assembly of the floor.
  • Access stairway to the floor. LIGHT
  • Quick, on working with 4 m light elements.
  • Drop-head manufactured with duralumin (structural aluminium)