Re-usable formwork system for making waffle slabs with permanent coffer, one-way concrete beams and solid slabs. Alumecano only uses 3 basic components (Girder, Support Girder and Drop head) including the revolutionary new Drop head made of duralumin (structural aluminum), which makes it light and resistant for the support of the formwork surface.

The wood lined Cantilevered Drophead adds support of 1 5/8” (4 cm) to the Alisan Panel. The wood inlay can then be easily nailed and unnailed to the panel, preventing it from moving. This is especially useful for the panels on the edge , and in other risk areas.

The Cantilevered Drophead is fitted with a system that cushions the fall (rubber plugs), and a standard, predictable drop direction, making the form release process much safer.

Three days after concreting, the System allows for a significant part of the Alumecano kit, Panels and Props, to be recovered and reused elsewhere on the build, without the need for replacing all of the original Props.

Working with 6’-6 3/4” (2 m) wide corridors avoids the typical problems that other fixed 6’-6 3/4” x 6’-6 3/4” (2 m x 2 m) grid systems have, when finishing off meeting points with columns and walls.