Expansion of automobile production plant in Jalisco (México)

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Expansion of automobile production plant in Jalisco (México)

The project: expansion of automobile production plant in Jalisco

Alsina’s Mexican delegation participated in 2016 in the expansion of the automobile production plant of the German company Dräxlmaier in the town of Lagos de Moreno, in the center-west of Mexico, in charge of the construction company Trubmar S.A. de C.V. It should be noted that this luxury automotive industry supplier has 60 plants worldwide and is dedicated to marketing innovative indoor and mobility electric systems. Among its clients there are brands such as BMW, Audi, General Motors, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Tesla.

The plant’s extension involves the new construction of 21.600 m2 and includes building 2 new logistics warehouses, 2 “molding” premises, 1 production hall and 2 new technical areas and administrative offices, for which various formwork systems were supplied and there was an active participation of Alsina Mexico Technical department.

Alsina: the best formwork solutions for facilities building

Alsina has supplied a wide range of its formwork systems for the implementation of the project, including Alisply Multipurpose, CL-40 Shoring system, Multidirectional, HT-20 Wood Beams, Wallite and Access Ladder.

In order to solve the piles of the project, Alsina supplied the necessary formwork to implement the 264 columns with sections of 0.30 x 0.75 cm and 0.95 x 0.95 cm at 14.50 meters in height (which were concreted in two phases), using the Alisply Multipurpose system and the CL-40 Shoring system as an auxiliary system to support the formwork in the second set.

The molding area has a 895m2 surface slab with hanging beams with cantaloupes dimensions between 1.20 m and 2.20 m, which were solved by using the CL-40 Shoring system, in addition to aluminum gates from the Aluflex system, as well as HT-20 Wood Beams, and the lateral beam sides with panels from the Wallite Maneuverable Formwork System. On the other hand, the bottom of beams and slab was made using Alisan Monolayer Boards. The same formwork systems were used to solve the slabs of technical and office areas.