Biconical Corner

Retractable corner for Alisply, intended for formwork stripping and recovering inner formwork from hollow spaces, such as piers and elevators shafts.

The main feature is that the corners reduce the overall dimensions of the inner formwork, allowing it to be recovered.


The new biconical corner for inner formworks with Alisply panels means inner formwork can be recovered from most hollow spaces.


The biconical corner for Alisply offers great productivity on site, thanks to the biconical wedge system. This system compensates dimensions so as to be able to remove the inner formwork in one go, without having to dismantle the Alisply panels.


The biconical corners are totally adapted to be used with the Alisply panels, as they are provided with GR sections on their side wings, for being clamped with an Alisply Clamp GR-2. Compatible The new biconical corners are always suitable in any hollow space with straight corners. In other words, where the space has no inner bevelled edges, as otherwise another retractable system would have to be used to solve the situation.


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