C-240 Climbing System

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C-240 Climbing System

Element designed to climb the formwork of walls to heights up to 19′-8 1/4” (6 m) with total safety for the operator.

The assembly of the Climbing and its safety Platform can be carried out on the ground, before positioning it on the wall, or by placing the climbing brackets in the anchorage rings and assembling the platform afterwards.

The system incorporates the possibility of transporting the whole set together with the formwork. Its positioning can be carried out with two anchoring systems: using M-24 Bars or by means of metal Cones with cast-in tie rods.

The C-240 Climbing platform allows the climbing section to be anchored by means of a semi-automatic system driven by the same crane transporting the climbing section.

Likewise, it incorporates a centring system for the first positioning that allows deviations between centre lines. The Alsina climbing systems have been designed having into account the total safety of the operator. They provide an obstacle-free working platform and a complete and watertight safety railing that prevent risky situations during the assembly and/or form removal operations.

The platform has been designed having into account the operator’s safety and ease while working on it, clearing the platform of obstacles such as wooden beams or platforms.

  • Compatible with the straight wall system Alisply Walls and with the curved Wall system Alisply Circular.
  • Platform designed to support 2 kN/m2 loads in addition to the formwork dead load 1984 Ibs (900 kg)
  • Form removal system by means of a roller-rack carriage.
  • Wide and safe lower platform.
  • Centring system by means of a ring that allows deviations of +/- 5/16” (8mm).
  • 7′-10 1/2” (2,4 m) wide obstacle-free working platform.
  • Designed to support the different wind loads at any height.