Llacolen Building in Antofagasta (Chile)

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Llacolen Building in Antofagasta (Chile)

Moldajes Alsina, Alsina’s Group Chilean subsidiary, is currently working in the construction of the Llacolen building, in charge of the construction company Loga Ltda., and located in the city of Antofagasta.

To execute this building project, Alsina is supplying its Alisply and Manual Alisply equipment, as well as its Vistaform system and the C-160 Climbing system. The project is in its first phase of implementation, in which it is being implemented the first of the three towers that make up the project, with a height of 30 floors.

This is one of the many projects that Moldajes Alsina has participated with during the eleven years it has been offering its services in Chile, where it has established itself in the country’s market, becoming an expert competitor in renting services and recoverable formwork systems, supported by its international experience, and with products that meet many of the needs of its customers in the Chilean market, as is the case with its formwork Mecanoconcept.

Moldajes Alsina has currently three branches in the country (Santiago, Antofagasta and Concepcion), in which more than 65 employees work as commercial, logistical, administrative and technical teams to provide a comprehensive and proximity that has reinforced the group during these years.

Location: Chile
Completion date: 2015