Residential Gulita Heights in Mumbai (India)

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Residential Gulita Heights in Mumbai (India)

The project: residential building in Mumbai

Project: Residential Building Project in Mumbai
Alsina’s Formwork delegation in India began last 2015 their collaboration in the construction of the Gulita Heights residential project, in charge of customer Eversendai, who chose Alsina’s Alispilar formwork system for shuttering columns to solve the challenges of this project, which has been completed this year 2016.

Alispilar formwork system is one of the best options available in the market for shuttering columns and walls.

Alsina: fast and effective solutions for residential builidng

The project involved the construction of a 4- story large private bungalow located in the Worli Sea face popular area in Mumbai with spectacular sea views and which involved the construction 15,000 square meters.

Alispilar is a formwork system designed by Alsina to significantly improve the pipeline and work method for the implementation of standard columns in building projects, which stands out for its lightness, a quick and simple assembly and its high profitability. In this project, the column system was also used as a double-sided wall formwork, this solution was made possible by the versatility of the Alispilar system.

Location:  Mumbai, (India)

Date of completion: 2015