Flour Tanks (Italy)

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Flour Tanks (Italy)

Bell located in Rovigo, in the north-east of Italy, the work consists of two main buildings (a deposit for cereal and a warehouse for grain cleaning), and a secondary buildings (another warehouse and a building for the warehouse grain).

The two main buildings, adjacent sono, measuring 35 meters high, with a staff of 750 cadauno mq. Both empezan atmosphere for 8 m high, and then rise with a unique structure consisting of 30 square alveoli.

Due to the need for concreting all the cells at once, with concreted 3 meters high, it has been handed a agran amount of Alisply walls outside MF Climb to the entire building, and climbs inside each cell.

A special unit has been designed to ecnofrar corners of the alveoli (120 corners), which had a dull way.

For other buildings, it was delivered formwork CL-40 for the highest floors, and wrought Alumecano for others.

Location: Salara, Italy
Completion date: 2014