G40 / G35 / G30 Post-Shore

The Alsina Europrop G post-shores are post-shores with an extension device according to the standard EN 1065 with integrated safety system. They serve as vertical post-shores for temporary structures. Also, they come with a quick release system, which reduces their removal time.


Post-shores with quick, comfortable and safe release. Its durability is greater due to less wear and tear. The incorporated release system reduces the post-shore removal time by about 80%, compared with a conventional post-shore. Plus, because it is galvanized, its working life is longer.


Incorporates a tube and body Anti-Separation System. Safe distance to prevent getting hands caught. Post-shore comes with a tube and body Anti-Separation System, preventing falling tubes, eliminating the risk during crane movement.


The Gama G post-shores combine two properties in the same product that were previously considered incompatible: the lightweight quality of the traditional Spanish post-shore and the high resistance necessary for the strict European Standard EN-1065.

  • Post-shore in compliance with EN 1065 standard.
  • New quick-release system reduces removal time.
  • High bearing capacity.
  • Failsafe. For safety reasons, the Alsina post-shores come equipped with a safety anti-separation device that prevents the tube from coming loose and falling. The bolt’s special geometrical shape facilitates the removal of the post-shores even when under great loads.
  • 3 7/8” (10 cm) of clearance with the post-shore closed as a safety measure against hands getting crushed.
  • Pins reduce the risk of accidents and facilitate handling.
  • Long-life galvanized structure.