Gucci’s New Headquarters (Italy)

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Gucci’s New Headquarters (Italy)

Gucci, the leading luxury brand of Italian fashion has chosen Alsina as a supplier of materials for the construction of its new headquarters in the eastern outskirts of Milan.

The work involves the restoration of an old industrial building (which in the past belonged to Caproni Aeronautic), and comprises an area of 30,000 m2 and the construction of 7 buildings: a 7 – story tower and 6 industrial units, each with just one plant. The latter will have a flat slab basement, and metal structures, where runaways and showrooms will be held.

For its construction, Alsina has supplied more than 35,000m2 slabs of Alumecano system, as well as Alsipercha security system, A30 and A40 struts to withstand the significant thickness of the slabs and 6 mt struts for the implementation of the tower’s ground floor.

Location: Milan,Italy
Completion date: 2015