H33 Truss

The H33 Truss it is a reliable system designed to solve large spans for bridges solutions. It also allows to develop different applications as gangways and pier cap and other structural solutions.
The assembling is very fast to do it, bracing normally in pairs two trusses with elements that ensure the distance between then in some widths.
Thanks to their extraordinal rigidity, the assembling can be moved from one to another position.


• Modular system with different lengths up to 30m of spans.
• Different bracing widths to the fit to the required solution (0.4 – 0.7 -0.92 -1.65).
• Counter bow system for ensuring flats results.
• Up to 2,4m height pieces easy to be packed and shipped.
• Easy and fast assembling with few components.
• Bending moment of 150Tn/m of capacity.
• Complete and integrated safety system.
• Galvanized to ensure a large life span and worst place conditions.

  • Bridges, roads, caps, repetitive horizontal structures and columns, pedestrian walkways.
  • Multiform System


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