Hanging Beam System

(with Mecanoflex and Joist Brace)

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Hanging Beam System (with Mecanoflex and Joist Brace)

Formwork system designed to implement hanging beams on site. The Alsina Mecanoflex Hanging Beam solution is formed by just two elements, which have been designed to ensure a safe and quick assembly. The use of this solution greatly increases productivity of works, making it possible to save in terms of labor and material costs.


Any conventional post shore can be adapted to the Mecanoflex Beam System. The lateral girders are standard elements of the system and are reusable. The beams are placed quickly, simply and safely.

Cost effective

Simple: formed by two simple elements that fix all types of beams.
Quick: the system design ensures a safe assembly on site.
Cost effective: all elements are reused, which saves the contractor a lot in terms of a lot of material, labor and implementation time.

Exposed finish

System designed to fix all types of beam bottoms.
It takes care of all the tasks of finishing elements and beam risers efficiently.
The use of the plywood liner and very few thru elements give the beam an exposed finish.

System assembly

Position the post shores with their support tripods. Place a support cross brace and two wooden girders at each post shore. We will place a plywood board at the bottom of the beam and nail the wood to the girders.

Once the steel framework is in place, close the formwork in a Ushape. Next the 4’-11 1⁄16” (1.5 m) A-frames are nailed to the girders with wood to keep in the concrete.

With the help of Dywidag ties, place the girders with wood on top, place the brackets and tighten with a wingnut.

Brace it with wooden struts, resting them on the support cross brace. Once the formwork phase is completed, the concrete will be poured.

Alsina’s Beam Formwork System

Element designed to act as a support for any type of panel in order to close the side of the beam being formed; bolts and nails are used to attach the support element to the wood panel or plywood.

System features:
  • Quick and simple assembly by workers at the site.
  • Compatible with any type of thick beam formwork, either plywood board or panel.
  • Safe system with 8 holes to nail lateral into place and secure it.