Interior Platform System

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Interior Platform System

System for interior climbing of walls and piers.

A system designed for safe performance of: interior climbing systems in hollow pier formwork, elevator shaft formwork and all types of hollow structures with multiple sections.

System features:
  • Internal dimensions between: 3´-11 1/4´´ and 13´-1/2´´ (1200 and 4000 mm).
  • Easy assembly, element connection via pins, not requiring the use of tools.
  • Interior platform for structures without the need to use support elements such as scaffolding.
  • Climbing provided by two anchoring systems:
  • Cast-in Anchor and steel cone with lost anchor.
  • Toggle support with concrete hole and reusable box.
  • Recovery of supports and the toggle during climbing.

The design principle of the Interior Climbing System is simpli- city: it is very easy to assemble, without the need for tools and it can be moved quickly and easily.


Movement can be carried out entirely by means of a crane, without the direct intervention of an operator. The Interior Platform System is compatible with the Alsina safety accessories.


The Interior Climbing System is designed to perform a widerange of interior wall sections with standard elements. The interior face dimensions must be between 3´-11 1/4´´ and 13´-1/2´´ (1200 and 4000 mm). Nonetheless, there is always the possibility of studying and calculating the manufacture of a customized interior climbing set to solve any project requirement.


Interior climbing of the hollow structures allows the formwork to be supported from the interior without using elements such as scaffolding or bracing from the ground. This implies considerable savings in material and labor, since both the toggle support and the toggle are reusable. The wood beams allow for project adjustment without the need to manufacture customized elements.