Formwork system for forged components. The Mecanoflex system only uses three basic elements (Multiple U-shape joist bearer, Intermediate Joist and Joist inlaid with wood).

With these three elements and a work method that has been used by the Alsina clients for more than 30 years, Mecanoflex is the ideal solution for making concrete forged items economically, for any type of perimeter.

Lightweight and simple:

The metal joist is 7,71 Ibs (3.5 Kg) per linear metre. This is the element that has to be laid most times, therefore it has to be lightweight and resistant.


The system structural elements, the multiple U-shape joist bearer and the Joists have been designed to be overlapped in both directions. This characteristic allows the Mecanoflex system to adapt to all kinds of perimeters, regardless of their irregularity.


The Multiple U-shape joist bearer can house, indifferently, both an Intermediate Joist and a Joist inlaid with wood. Both elements are fixed and fastened during assembly to ensure the formwork process.


Hanging Beam System (with Mecanoflex and Joist Brace)

The Alsina Mecanoflex system also offers a solution for Hanging Beam System which have been designed to ensure a safe and quick assembly. The use of this solution greatly increases productivity of works, making it possible to save in terms of labor and material costs.