Delhi Metro (India)

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Delhi Metro (India)

Alsina is currently participating in the construction of the Kalkaji Mandir Metro Station in India. This station is in the middle of the purple line in the city of Delhi Metro, between Nehru Place and Govind Puri Station, and works as access to attractions like Kalkaji Mandir, the Lotus Temple and the Iskcon Temple.

Doka, Peri and RMD had monopolized the formwork systems supplies for this project so far. However, Alsina has managed to break this barrier and has been introduced to the project by providing Alispilar equipment to implement several structures.





The construction management was pleasantly surprised by the ease with which this system was used, its speed mounting process and its versatility to adapt to various work situations. These reasons were key to chose Alsina as an Alispilar system provider.

In this project, Alsina has faced a major challenge given the complexities of implementation as well as the continuous changes that have been adopted in the construction plans, which has led to the limit the versatility capacity of our Alispilar system, obtaining great results in all cases.​

Location: Delhi, India
Completion date: 2015