Modular Hanging Beam

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Modular Hanging Beam

Alsina presents its formwork for Modular Hanging Beams.

Another solution for safe, profitable and reusable slab formwork. MHB has been designed to revolutionize beam formwork; easily combined, reusable and above all quick-to-assemble are some of the characteristics of this new system.

System formed by formwork panels: these lightweight metal panels have a plywood-lined surface and are joined by a manual clip. Furthermore, they are reversible on site, which increases their use.

  • Lightweight MHB: Weight 4.5lb/sq.ft (22kg/m2).
  • Versatile: the different sections of beams are made using the same elements.
  • Compatible with Alsina slab formwork systems: Alumecano, Mecanoflex, Vistaform Slabs and Alulosas.
  • High production of 70 ml per pair/day.
  • MHB eliminates the expensive use of woodpiles and hours of carpentry in beam formwork of all types and resulting in a phenolic finish.
  • 90% of formwork material can be recovered on the third day after concrete is poured.
  • With MHB, the finished beam does not need to be re-shored; with the removable bottom, the shoring support can be left.
  • MHB needs just one post-shore every 5’-1 3/4” (1.57 m), which represents a considerable savings.
  • MHB adapts to great heights with the use of the Alsina CL40 scaffolding system.
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