Multiform Table

Pre-assembled system designed for the implementation of slabs.

The Alsina Table system is specially indicated for the implementation of large-scale works with layouts where the arrangement of columns follows a regular pattern.

The Table system allows every type of slabs to be implemented, although it is specially designed for solid slabs. Alsina supplies the Alsina Table formwork system in standard measurements, although its made-to-measure manufacturing could be considered depending on the project to be implemented.

The Table formwork system is composed by metal and wood beams to offer a resistant and stable whole. The lining is a phenolic plywood that provides a good concrete quality.


Swivel head that allows recovering the post-shores and avoiding the obstacles on relocating the tables. There is also the fixed head and head option to fit it to the Alsina Light Shoring System.


The transportation trolley is an essential element to move the tables horizontally. Its hydraulic system allows erecting the table and its design allows it to fold in order to be able to reach every corner of the working site.


The C-hook is an essential element to move the tables vertically. Its automatic mechanism moves the centre of gravity. It allows the tables to be loaded from both directions.


The Alsina Table formwork system is compatible with the Alsipercha system. This ensures the safety of the operator at all times during the decking and floor finishing phases.