Multiform Vertical

A reusable formwork system for straight-faced walls with all sorts of polygonal shapes and architectural concrete.

The equipment is configured specifically according to the load to bear, which can be greater than that of steel frame walls.

The steel primary beams and wood secondary beams that make up the structure are connected by the most characteristic element of the system: the Multiform connector, which provides solid attachment and is very easy to assemble. As regards steel frame panel systems, the phenolic plywood board used in the Vertical Multiform system makes the joints between panels almost imperceptible.


The Vertical Multiform system was conceived to adapt easily to complex and irregular polygonal shapes, while maintaining its capacity as reusable formwork. It is also completely compatible with the Alsina climbing, bracing and safety systems.


The structure formed by the steel primary beams and the wood secondary beams allows configuration of the wall as regards the load it has to bear, thus optimizing formwork elements and costs. The strongest configuration allows for loads greater than those permitted by wall systems using steel panels.


The components of the Vertical Multiform system are easily assembled on the job using traditional tools. Assembly time is significantly reduced especially thanks to the Multiform-specific connector. This characteristic greatly reduces transportation and storage costs.

Arquitectural concrete:

Due to the phenolic plywood board sheeting and the layout of the ties, the Vertical Multiform system presents almost imperceptible joints and an architectural concrete finish.