Naiblú Beach Condominium (Panama)

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Naiblú Beach Condominium (Panama)

Alsina’s Panamanian delegation has solved the shuttering of a major beach condo complex in Chorrera, San Carlos: a beach resort just 60 minutes from Panama City, where Alsina supplied several formwork systems to solve the whole project.

This unique beach project consists of a first group of two 8-story buildings with 6 apartments per floor, and on the other side a second group of two 5-story buildings with large terraces overlooking the sea at the front, with underground parking and a social area of 4,000 m2.


Alsina: versatile solutions for residential building

The system chosen to implement the roofs was Mecanoflex formwork system, which allows implementing the bottom slabs formwork with only three elements: support girders (primary beam) and mixed girders and steel (secondary beams) while the height is solved with Alsina’s range of props. For the steep heights they used CL-40 Shoring system and HT Beams on two beam levels, especially in the slab’s corbel.

On the other hand, the form of the pillars was resolved with Alispilar system, which allows to solve typical column sections from 20×20 cm to 60×60 cm and three heights: 3, 1.40 and 0.80 meters. The system can grow in height by nuts and tie plates and even implement shielded pillars with the same elements and passing bars. The system also includes integrated joining accessories in the same frame steel panel in order to minimize the loss of small accessories at the job site.

This interesting project was fully resolved by Alsina’s Panama Technical Department as part of its commercial service, in charge of formwork supplying for all projects in the Caribbean country.

Location: Panama
Completion date: 2017