One-sided Climbing System

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One-sided Climbing System

System for one side climbing elements, vertical and inclined.

Alsina´s T1C Climbing System provides solutions for dam and pier construction and complex projects that require one side formwork.

The system´s versatility provides standard as well as special solutions. A profitable system due to the components of the Alsina Multiform system.

Easy assembly and element connection via pins, not requiring the use of tools.

Compatible with all corresponding Alsina safety systems. The working platforms have been designed to provide integral operator safety, both while working on the platforms and during movement between them.


The system is designed for fast assembly. Most of the elements are connected by pins and do not require the use of tools or threaded fasteners. The cast-in anchoring system of the T1C Climbing System uses a lost anchor and a M30 or M36 cone use.


The Alsina climbing systems have been designed taking into account the complete safety of the operators in all the job processes. The working platforms offer integral operator safety, both while working on the platform and when moving between brackets.


The T1C Climbing System is designed to perform a wide range of interior wall sections with standard elements. The manufacture of a customized climbing set can be studied and calculated in order to provide a solution to any project requirement.


The Alsina T1C Climbing System provides solutions for dam, pier and complex project construction that require the use of this type of climbing formwork for one or two faces, whether vertical or inclined. Alsitec, Alsina´s Technical Department, performs a complete study to adapt the system to the project.