One-Sided Walls 3-9 m

Alsina Formwork Systems · Alisply Wall Solutions

One-Sided Walls 3-9 m

Support structure to implement one-sided walls.

The system consists of reinforced brace frames that are coupled to the wall modules by means of two horizontal primary beams.

The system can be used to implement works with heights between 3 and 9 m.

  • Good weight/features ratio.
  • Joining brace easy to position between brace frames.
  • Movable together with the wall formwork.
  • Rear base jack with height regulator.
  • Compatible with the Working Platform.
  • Optimized design for its transport and storage on site.
  • Compatible with the wall formwork systems: Alisply Walls, Alisply Circular, Vistaform Straight and Vistaform Multiradius.
  • Designed to be safely assembled and to be moved together with the wall formwork system.
  • It solves the plumb of 9′-10 1/8”, 13′-1 1/2”, 16′-4 7/8”, 19′-8 1/4”, 22′-11 9/16”, 26′-2 15/16”, 29′-6 5/16”(3-4-5-6-7-8 and 9 meters) heights.